Plugging back in…

Yeah, okay, it’s only been two weeks, but between my move and lack of internet service and Michelle’s trip, we weren’t able to get on-line last week.

But I saw her smiling face this week, coffee cup in hand. We spent half our session talking about our trips from Georgia to Canada and what happened; the drama that is life. Then we pushed through edits. Michelle does fabulous edits, I mean she’s really good. The woman needs to be working as a professional editor. She just has the knack for it.

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The move

Are moves ever really smooth? I mean really?

Your stuff gets broken, chipped. You can’t find the spoons to unpack so you have to eat with the ice cream scooper. You live around boxes, stepping over things. You go without internet, feeling like you’re missing out on something. You’re not sure where the grocery store is. Five days pass and your vehicle still hasn’t shipped.  You aren’t getting your mail. And you’re so darn tired.

Well, let me cook you a story…

Worn plum out. Flat hair and all.

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Technology illiterate

Michelle and I met up today for the first time on-line.

First we tried yahoo messenger….

The faceless girl I talked to this afternoon.

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Saying good-bye

This week I said my good-byes to the friends I’ve made here in Norfolk–Michelle and the tap ladies. I dreaded this week, thinking it would be horribly depressing.

Am I even thinking here?

But to tell you the truth, I’ve had one of the best good-byes, ever.

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Looks can be deceiving….

I’ve made this meal various times before. This is not how it is supposed to look….

I see a squished alien. What so you see?

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Anchors Up!

Looks like the dreaded move is almost upon us. When Jennifer and I looked at the calendar today, we could hardly believe it.

Next week is our last meeting. Face to face that is. She’s moving away.

Uh-oh! Water on the cookbook. THE cookbook!

Not to worry! Beginning the following week, we will conduct all our meetings via Skype. We’re not sure how that will work out. Will we prop up our laptops in the kitchen while we cook together online? Will that result in an unfortunate laptop accident like it did for this cookbook? (We certainly hope not!) Continue reading

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Shiratake Noodles – A.K.A. The Stinky Noodles

Silly hats... not our only coping mechanism.

Memoir writing is tough. Every chapter is its own unique emotional wringer. Jennifer and I have a (rather unique) way of combating this, and though the silly hats definitely take the edge off, the cooking and having fun in the kitchen makes the day a wonderful adventure, full of laughs, (mostly) wonderful flavors, and sometimes a not-so-delicious aroma.

Yes, as promised, this is the Tale of the Stinky Noodles. Cue the Alfred Hitchcock music. Continue reading

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A Good Photograph

Being a new blogger, I like to trawl around looking at other blog sites, asking questions, trying to learn. I found an amazing post — Lamb Vindaloo, Garlic Naan, and Indian Chai Tea from the We are Not Martha site. Deciding their site was a perfect example of what we could aspire to, I couldn’t wait to show Michelle. When she arrived back from Vegas, I drove over to her house.

The conversation ensued….

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A Week in Vegas

The Sphinx and me in Vegas. Just hanging out.

A week in Vegas was just what the doctor ordered, but coming back and not having any of my writing finished has me in a bit of a tailspin. Don’t get me wrong – I am not complaining! But when you have a writing routine and you take time away it can be very difficult to get back on track.

I had a great time in Vegas – Saw the Titanic exhibit, the dolphin and tiger habitats, saw the ‘pirate show’ at Treasure Island, the exploding volcano at The Mirage, participated in a television screening of a new television show, did the C.S.I.~ The Experience and best of all, went to see Phantom of the Opera. The themed hotels were fascinating. My favorite – The Luxor. Egyptian theme. I will definitely stay there next time. Continue reading

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Writing a memoir

“I was forced to acknowledge all over again that writing is not life, or even truth, but merely fragments of both, imperfect reflections. There will always be moments and emotions which refuse to be caught, dark undertows which will never break the surface. Life will always exceed the writer’s inadequate grasp, no matter how radiant the genius.” –Susan Johnson; a better woman: a memoir

A book my father gave me, which I initially had little interest in, turned out to be one of the most beautifully written books I’ve ever read. It’s called a better woman: a memoir by Susan Johnson. She usually writes fiction so I’d never heard of her, but the memoir, oh the memoir, is all it takes to hook me. Her writing is simply beautiful. I could never write like that. But, how I want to. She makes me consider paying thousands of dollars to get a degree in writing and study with the masters.

Michelle (left); Jennifer (right) dreaming of future memoir signings..

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