Baby-sitting via Skype

Last week when Michelle and I met up via Skype, I asked her to do me a favor…

Coffee-guzzling Michelle via Skype.

I have two gardens this fall; one at the community garden and one here in the backyard. The one in the backyard I started from seed, and if you’ve ever grown anything from seed, you know how attached you can get to your babies!

My plants are still in the tender seedling stages, and almost strong enough to place in the ground. When they only have a few leaves though, the birds seem to LOVE them. They snip off the top of the plant and fly away. Talk about frustrating! That was my baby!

Michelle and I were on-line for hours last Thursday. I had to go to the bathroom, but I didn’t want to leave my seedlings for a minute. A minute is all it takes in the beak of a bird.

SO…..I asked, “Will you watch them for me?”

“Sure, I’ll just yell out if I see one. (We met up on my back porch and her living room.) Before I even got to the door, I heard, “Bird! Bird!”

I turned around in fear. That Michelle! She’s such a joker!

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