Meeting-up via Skype

When I get on Skype, besides the fact that neither of us have to brush our teeth or even take a shower first, everything is the same.

Michelle doesn’t want her picture taken. She’s overworked. She’s done a brilliant job of balancing all her tasks for the week and has given 100% to everything.  She’s swigging down coffee, yet appears tired. But no matter what, she’s light-spirited and makes me laugh. I’m still camera happy and straying off subject from edits to everyday life.

This week, after attending a military ceremony, I rushed home to get online. Michelle, wiped out from her overworked schedule, claimed she’d just rolled out of bed in time to do my edits before we “skyped in.” She caught a glimpse of Matthew in his uniform whites and listened to me whine about wearing heels during our “writing meet-up” on my back porch.

I like the Skype meet-ups. I feel like I’m right back in Norfolk on Michelle’s couch! We still laugh a lot, and go over every single edit, questioning and commenting about why we said something and what we were trying to portray.

Just think, if we lived back in the 1800’s, when I said good-bye to Michelle, it probably would have been forever. Now with Skype, Yahoo, Facebook and Twitter, we’ll be linked FOREVER. (To be said in a Darth Vader voice, of course.)

Just joking Michelle. Quit freaking out. (Smiley face.)
Ohhhh….what are we missing? Did anyone catch it?

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Environmentalist. Writer. Navy wife. Mama. Gardener. Crock-pot fanatic.
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2 Responses to Meeting-up via Skype

  1. Donna says:

    Your new place looks beautiful. . . .such a pretty view… the pictures

  2. Thanks mama! You like the mess on the back porch too? 🙂

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