Plugging back in…

Yeah, okay, it’s only been two weeks, but between my move and lack of internet service and Michelle’s trip, we weren’t able to get on-line last week.

But I saw her smiling face this week, coffee cup in hand. We spent half our session talking about our trips from Georgia to Canada and what happened; the drama that is life. Then we pushed through edits. Michelle does fabulous edits, I mean she’s really good. The woman needs to be working as a professional editor. She just has the knack for it.

Presently, I’m reading her AMAZINGLY ENTERTAINING fiction novel while I’m about 6 chapters away from finishing the first book of my memoir. (I’m convinced it’s too long to be one book, I’m going to have to break it into two. She’s convinced we can slice and dice and make it into one.)

She’s so close to finishing the novel, she’s decided to focus on that, and then return to the memoir. But I’m sure she’ll tell you all about her recent writing adventures. She’s been burning up the keyboard when not traveling to Canada.

So, we caught up on life news, edited, and laughed. We’re still pushing through chapters, still determined to get published.

“We should cook something next week,” she said.
Well, wouldn’t that make a good story? Probably two separate dishes in front of the computer, so be prepared! 🙂

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3 Responses to Plugging back in…

  1. pat says:

    as usual…loved it!!

  2. Jackie says:

    What great blog. full of great information. I have added you to my favorites bar as well as signed up for the e-mail notifications.. YOU GO GIRL!!! Congratulations of such great blogs..

    • Aww. Thanks Aunt Jackie!They are so much fun to write!Thanks for subscribing. Here’s to hoping you will be entertained and informed! If you have any questions about anything, I’ll try and find out for you.Thanks again!Jennifer

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