The move

Are moves ever really smooth? I mean really?

Your stuff gets broken, chipped. You can’t find the spoons to unpack so you have to eat with the ice cream scooper. You live around boxes, stepping over things. You go without internet, feeling like you’re missing out on something. You’re not sure where the grocery store is. Five days pass and your vehicle still hasn’t shipped.  You aren’t getting your mail. And you’re so darn tired.

Well, let me cook you a story…

Worn plum out. Flat hair and all.

There was the fact I got pulled over by a cop late at night when I got sleepy and was looking for a hotel, though they all seemed full for the night. He said I rolled through a stop sign. I’ll admit I’m known for California rolling stops, especially late at night when I’m sleepy and there’s no one around and it’s dark. And I’m busy wondering if I should put more ice in the cooler or I’m going to lose the expensive cheese.

Back seat.

Well, he let me off with a warning and then proceeded to tell me where to sleep for the night where I wouldn’t get bed bugs. I could have reached my arms out the window and hugged him. My brother claimed I only got off because I’m a girl–and blonde.

My credit card was declined because I forgot to share the fact I was leaving Virginia with the bank, and no, I wouldn’t be back. While I had them on the phone, I decided to go ahead and change my billing address to my new address and hey, while I’m at it, my maiden name to my married name. Red flags must have gone up. I was on the phone 45 minutes trying to convince them I was who I said I was, and no, my card was not stolen.

Then there were the yahoos in South Carolina on the expressway who slowed down traffic from 75 miles an hour to 35 because a little car miffed off a truck full of 4 boys in their 20’s. The truck refused to let the little car pass. They were backing up traffic, yelling obscenities out the window, I was just waiting for someone to draw a gun. The truck proceeded to chase down the little car when he snuck in behind me while I passed. Scared to death, of course, I had to call 911 and report them. They could have gotten us all killed.

In the home stretch, I passed a massive 4 to 7 car pile up, with a mini van flipped like an upside down beetle bug, car pieces scattered, people still inside. A helicopter had just landed and shut down the expressway for miles. The other side of the expressway looked like D.C. when the president comes through, without a car in sight.

I feel I’ve been cleaning other people’s houses for two weeks now. Drenched in sweat, I look across the beautifully clean room, and then over at the rooms I haven’t gotten to yet and the boxes, Lord, the boxes. And the internet……I haven’t even been in contact with Michelle yet. Amid the chaos and lack of internet, we were unable to meet on Skype.

This has been one crazy week. Matthew’s zonked out beside me mid day on a Saturday, utterly exhausted. And my two chapters sit patiently waiting for revision. Soon……I tell you, soon.

Welcome to the south! Or for me anyway, welcome home.


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Environmentalist. Writer. Navy wife. Mama. Gardener. Crock-pot fanatic.
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6 Responses to The move

  1. challahgirl says:

    I’m so glad you made it safely to your new home! Those events sound really scary! 😦

    Welcome to the South too! I hope you enjoy your time here.

  2. mark turner says:

    You just needed your will (mark) to be there and your house would be cleaned in a day.

    • So true. I just needed my Will. If you only knew how often I wished you still lived down the street from me and I could just stop by and see you whenever I wanted. I loved that. And yes, I know you’re a cleaning machine. 🙂 That would have been such a help! But just the thought made me feel better. 🙂 Thanks. (Your Grace.)

  3. alisonamazed says:

    Wow – I remember my year and a half living in the States and cruising on the highway. You had one helluva journey – and the credit card nightmare reminds me of….a story way too long to tell! Welcome to your new home!

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