Technology illiterate

Michelle and I met up today for the first time on-line.

First we tried yahoo messenger….

The faceless girl I talked to this afternoon.

We could hear one another and she could see me, but I couldn’t see her. Then we tried Skype.  We could hear one another and I could see her, but she couldn’t see me. This must have gone on for 1/2 hour to 45 minutes. FINALLY, we could both hear and see one another! And by that time, Michelle had to go start dinner!

Part technology and part me not being able to figure out yahoo equals a very frustrating afternoon. I hate technology. I hate that I can’t figure it out, that I’m the human and yet I stare at the screen, blinking. I’m not super thrilled that all privacy is gone and
everyone and their brother can look me up on Facebook. I don’t like that Twitter is a constant feed, it keeps going even when I go to bed. That just seems unnatural to me. I’m a strong believer that things need to stop, rest or sleep, sometime. I don’t like that people text me and I never receive the texts. (I don’t have text on my phone.) Where do the messages go? Do they swim around in cyber space forever? And what is cyber space? And what’s a photo cloud? And what in the world does “app” mean? (No, I know it stands for application but what does that MEAN?)

I finally broke down and got a digital camera five years ago. I gave in and joined Facebook the end of 2007. I bought a phone with a camera on it last year–but only because they didn’t offer any without cameras. Oh, technology. I wish I could jump back in time to the 1800’s, where people made their own food and hung clothes on the line, and all the kids attended school in one school room. And it’s not because I’m old. Uh, because I’m not. I just wish life would slow down long enough for me to catch up.

Michelle has taught me so much. She introduced me to Twitter and encouraged us to start this blog. She’s helping me keep up with all that is hip and rad, and society in general. Because like many writers, I’d rather curl up, pull the curtains closed and become a hermit. But as Michelle says, “We have to sell these books!” And so we remain in society, right in the very middle of it.

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8 Responses to Technology illiterate

  1. Mary Pat says:

    Jennifer…agree, we just really need to unplug and rest. Really, life DOES go on, eh?
    My 25 years plus in the travel business, almost totally using a land phone. When I return home, basically refuse to answer the home phone. All my friends know that and do not call and ask, “how was YOUR day?” Of course, emailing is pretty cool, and I do own a cell phone, only used in case of emergency or out of town. They have banned teaching cursive writing in the schools around here….isn’t that shameful? Know I am old fashioned and old…..but fear all communication will come down to texting, twittering, email etc. The art of conversation will go away and hand written notes, letters too. Pretty sad. So…’s your new digs?

    • Pat says:

      Gees…I’m with you! I can hardly get a break from learning one thing when something else becomes the newest needed gadget. However if I don’t jump on board I will be left out. I get to visit my far away family on skype! Otherwise I would not get to see their precious faces.

      • I know right? You can’t fall behind or you’ll miss out. Daddy refuses to use the computer and misses all my blogs. He always wants to know about my life and I tell him, “I even have pictures! Get on there and read them!”
        So, I completely hear ya!!

    • Talk about unplugged. Couldn’t get internet for a week. I felt so disconnected! Matt said, “Society has adapted. Now we feel lost without the internet.” Crazy isn’t it? Not long ago none of us had internet!!
      The new house is tiny, so it’s making us get rid of all kinds of stuff. I’m thrilled. It’s on the marsh with fruit trees in the back yard. Very peaceful. The opposite of busy Norfolk. Small town, lots of local shops. I’m looking forward to taking a look around!
      And I don’t think you’re old-fashioned. I think you’re right. Hand written notes and the art of conversation will eventually fade. Years from now, I wouldn’t be surprised if our vocal cords no longer work. And doctors will text to one another, “Those are from back when we used to talk!” Yikes!!

  2. alisonamazed says:

    Hey I have a mobile that accepts text messages but sometimes they get stuck somewhere in cyber space and arrive 24 hours later – even more! Technology is our servant – not the other way round. Turn it off when you’ve had enough. Life goes on without it.

  3. alisonamazed says:

    That’s right Jen! Though I do appreciate your comments, so I like that you think you have to catch up on my blog posts! 🙂 But there’s no obligation.

  4. alisonamazed says:

    That’s right Jenn! Though I do appreciate your comments, so I like that you think you have to catch up on my blog posts! 🙂 But there’s no obligation.

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