Shiratake Noodles – A.K.A. The Stinky Noodles

Silly hats... not our only coping mechanism.

Memoir writing is tough. Every chapter is its own unique emotional wringer. Jennifer and I have a (rather unique) way of combating this, and though the silly hats definitely take the edge off, the cooking and having fun in the kitchen makes the day a wonderful adventure, full of laughs, (mostly) wonderful flavors, and sometimes a not-so-delicious aroma.

Yes, as promised, this is the Tale of the Stinky Noodles. Cue the Alfred Hitchcock music.

You all know about my latest stint on the Atkins. (If not, check out Jennifer’s post about it here!) Jennifer and I searched high and low for interesting things to cook that were acceptable for that crazy diet. I stumbled across the noodles on the internet. The miracle diet food.

We found the noodles at the Heritage, (the local health food store), for two dollars a bag. Each bag was one serving.

The Miracle Noodles

I thought we could stir fry some broccoli and celery, add some garlic, salt and pepper, and we would have ourselves some delicious lunch.

What caught me off guard was the smell. These noodles smelled like fish. Fishy fish. When we cut open the bags for the first time… we were skeptical to say the least.

“It’s okay, Jennifer,” I said, despite my misgivings. “I read on the internet you just have to rinse them a few times.”

Actually, I had read that you have to rinse them thoroughly, until the “natural odor” had “dissipated.” Little did I know how potent that natural odor would be.

So we went about the task of rinsing. And rinsing. And rinsing some more. At long last, the noodles were purged of their stench.

The dish was really tasty! And well worth the trouble. I highly recommend them, though you might want to arm yourself with one of these…

A very good idea!

Here are some pics of Jennifer and I on this very special adventure:

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About Michelle L. Johnson

Agent with Inklings Literary Agency, Author, and occasional wannabe comedienne. Firm believer in all things caffeinated. Represented by Jamie Bodnar Drowley.
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6 Responses to Shiratake Noodles – A.K.A. The Stinky Noodles

  1. Malinda says:

    I swear I laugh out loud everytime I read this blog! I just imagine myself in the kitchen with you all. I just hope you have as much fun cooking it as I do reading about it!

  2. OMG. Those noodles were SO good. It was such a confusing shock to my system. We do have a good time, but I promise we get our homework done too! 🙂

  3. Mary Pat says:


  4. alisonamazed says:

    LOve the slide show!

  5. pat says:

    I have used the noodles (hubby is on low carbs) they are terrific substitute when doing Italian meals. As always i love this blog!!!

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