Thrift Shop on a Wednesday afternoon

Michelle and I decided to thrift store shop instead of cook this week for an upcoming trip. Michelle is as non-materialistic as I am, and we both prefer the thrift store to the mall.

Michelle (left), Jennifer (right) on Virginia Beach boardwalk

My reasoning is because
1. Buying new is bad for the environment
2. It’s more expensive
3. It’s bad for the environment.
  Granted, I realize not everything can be bought used, but a lot of it can. I drive a used car, live in a used house, read used books, store my used clothes in a used dresser and cook in a used crock-pot. Other than bathing suits, undergarments and shoes, I try to buy all my clothes used. (And that’s when I buy clothes at all.) I wish I cared more about clothes, but I just don’t. I’m much more interested in the fact that my hair and clothes are clean, and I smell good. And when I’m talking to someone or I meet someone new, the last thing going through my head is what brand name they have on their shirt, or what kind of bag they carry. I really don’t give a rat’s ass. I’m much more interested in what they are saying and how they treat me.

So pretty Michelle considered getting married. And then changed her mind.

Besides, there is no way anyone could have as much fun in the mall as we had in the thrift shop. There were no dressing rooms so we tried the clothes on—on top of our own clothes. And when that didn’t work, we hid between the racks of clothing and “watched out” for one another. Mostly because someone may or may not have been wearing a thong. But you’ll never know…because I’ll never tell.

No, she did not buy it.

We did come away with a couple good finds. For my upcoming move to the heat of the south I bought:

1 red dress: $4
1 mauve dress $9
1 purple dress $4
1 orange tank top $2
(a day in the thrift shop with Michelle—priceless. ) Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Super star!

Just a shame I won’t be able to wear my dresses in the garden, which is where I plan to live for the following two seasons. Michelle came out with 1 dress and a handful of shirts. We looked fabulous, except for a couple of times…which I’m sure Michelle will share with you!

And yes, we did do our homework BEFORE we went out to play. We spent more time editing than we did shopping. Such good little writers.

Editing, editing...

And more editing. Can you guess where we are on the boardwalk?

Cooking: Atkins will officially be over very soon and we can get back to the crock-pot and other real food. Yippee! But while on Atkins, Michelle could eat egg and fat, so we made egg salad. She ate hers plain but my brother-in-law’s girlfriend shared a Martha Stewart recipe with me for egg salad I’d never tried. It was soooo good! Two hard-boiled eggs, lots of fresh mint, 1-tablespoon light mayo, 1-tablespoon spicy mustard, 2 packets of Splenda, salt and pepper, and sliced cucumbers fresh from the garden, served on pita bread. I forgot the mint and left out the Splenda and it was excellent. I plan on trying it again in its entirety.

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10 Responses to Thrift Shop on a Wednesday afternoon

  1. alisonamazed says:

    Looks like you and Michelle have a good time! Are you moving? Hubby transferred? Will you miss her? Looks like a great egg salad – AND a great day at the charity shop. I buy everything at charity shops. Sometimes even shoes! Way more interesting. I recently attended a clothes swap where we all brought stuff we no longer wear. The clothes were organized according to category – laid out on tables or in a big heap. I got rid of some stuff and came home with lots of different stuff! I’ve always recently traded clothes that someone gave me but I never wore (too small, too big, not right for me) for beautiful velvet drapes for my bay window in my new flat! How great is that!

    • Yes, hubby is transferring. Michelle and I thought we’d do a blog about writing/military and civilian friendship. I will miss her greatly. It’s so hard to find someone you really get on with, when you’re older. I find it to be that way anyway.
      Velvet drapes! How dreamy.
      The clothes swap is a brilliant idea. I’d love to try and do that. Did you just do it among your friends or was it a neighborhood thing?
      And I read the clip about the Venus Project. Very George Jetson. If that’s our future, WOW.

  2. alisonamazed says:

    Hi Jen, The clothes swap was a community thing. transferring is a drag. We moved constantly when I was growing up. It is hard to find like-minded friends when we get older. The key is to be true to your essence and find groups that do the things you love, or interests you want to develop – then join them. 🙂

  3. alisonamazed says:

    YEs, BRighton, U.K. Not military – Dad was a clergyman – radical – so we moved a lot. THat’s another story and one I’ve been giving talks on. Have a POwerpoint – when I Get the A-Z food finishedI’ll brush it up for posting on the web. Sorry I’ve been slow responding – have been busy. As you must also be preparing for your move!

    • What an interesting life you’ve lead. You should write a book! Ever considered it?
      Yes, busy is good. Don’t ever worry about taking your time. I think we should all do more of that. 🙂

  4. alisonamazed says:

    A book? About my life? or Fiction? Have a couple novels in the works…and would like to write books.

  5. alisonamazed says:

    Well I have thought about writing about BCN room mates! Have a lot of stuff about Hungary in my old blog archived at the Wayback Machine – plan to bring some of that forward. I need to earn my living as a writer. Quit messing around with other stuff and sell my writing – but feel utterly hopeless at doing that.

    • All of that sounds so interesting!
      Yeah, I hear you. Hopeless and publishing are usually in the same sentence when I talk. The blog lets me write and get my work read. But wouldn’t it be nice…..

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