Tap Recital Fun

It was my turn last Thursday to be the Paparazzi for Jennifer when it was her moment in the spotlight. She is in a tap dancing class with a group who volunteers to go around to retirement communities and perform. Until that day, I had never seen a live tap performance. I was not disappointed.

I’ll tell this tale in a slide show with captions, since I was able to get a lot of great shots. Before it begins, let me just say that if you ever have a chance to go with your friend to watch her (or him) do the thing that makes their eyes sparkle – do it.

And take a good camera.

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About Michelle L. Johnson

Agent with Inklings Literary Agency, Author, and occasional wannabe comedienne. Firm believer in all things caffeinated. Represented by Jamie Bodnar Drowley.
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5 Responses to Tap Recital Fun

  1. pat says:

    Bravo Jennifer! I didn’t know you tap danced. I think it is wonderful that you volunteer…I hope you will be able to find a dance group in Georgia. I am making your crockpot collards tomorrow….yummm

    • Yes ma’am! I’m trying to strengthen my legs…..nerve damage from the Amazon. Long story…
      Let me know how those collards turn out. Remember the recipe in the first paragraph is just as good (and easier) than the fancy pants one with the turkey wings. 🙂
      Happy cooking! (And eating!!)

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