Contest drawing!

Yes, yes, we did our drawing. And we have a winner!

We have a winner!

Here's the prize!

When we met on Skype this week, I cut up little pieces of paper

Jen showing off her handy slips of paper

and Michelle and I added up the count. I threw them in the hat and shuffled them around, and around….. and around. I had her read the one I pulled out.

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The mystery beans

I walk with mace in one hand, and my keys positioned like a weapon in the other. It’s habit. I have my speed dial set to 911. So, when I turned down a quiet, back road the other day, questioning my decision as I high tailed it, arms pumping, an older woman pulled out of her driveway. Headed straight for her, if I were her, I would have been frightened and simply pulled away. Instead, she rolled down the window and said, “Well, hi! You must be a new neighbor I haven’t met yet. My name’s Sally. Where do you live?” As she drove away she hollered out the window, “Feel free to drop by any time.” I walked away smiling, and thinking, where am I?

Welcome to the south.

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Writers’ Conference

Last September I went to my first writers’ conference. I had the good fortune of running into a former classmate from a memoir writing class I had taken at The Muse, who I hadn’t seen for a few months.

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Contest reminder!

Just a reminder about the contest to win one of our published books! Well, not ours per se, but an anthology of 37 short stories in which ours are included.

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Baby-sitting via Skype

Last week when Michelle and I met up via Skype, I asked her to do me a favor…

Coffee-guzzling Michelle via Skype.

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Meeting-up via Skype

When I get on Skype, besides the fact that neither of us have to brush our teeth or even take a shower first, everything is the same.

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Win one of our books! Contest Alert!

We’ve really done it! Thanks to the America’s Got Stories contest from Koehler Books, we’ve been published! As you read in Jennifer’s post, I got my books first. Drove down to the Barnes & Noble, met some of the other authors, (had them sign a copy for me), raced home and snapped a shot:

So exciting to hold your book for the first time!

Oh what a feeling! I talked to Jennifer for our meeting that week and tried to show her on the webcam. Our names are side by side in the Table of Contents. How cool is that? We really couldn’t have planned it any better. Continue reading

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We’re published!

The books from the contest are published! Michelle and I received ours through the postal service!

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Not a good week.

Buried under boxes and “Where should I put this?” has just been too much this move. I’m usually not so overwhelmed, but this move… Continue reading

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Face to face one last time

I just began to write a post for this week and realized I haven’t posted about our last face-to-face meeting!

Last meeting at Ammos

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